A review meeting was taken by the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of KVIC to review the progress made in the implementation of various programmes in Uttar Pradesh State on 9th November, 2006.

The list of participants is enclosed.

  1. The Director, REGP gave a brief background and policy issues/decision taken on Brick Bhatta and Rice Mill. Further Director (REGP) elaborated various committees constituted and important circulars issued on the subject.

  2. The Chief Executive Officer expressed concern over the poor progress made by the District Level Committees formulated to assist local joint team headed by State Director, Lucknow for settlement of Pending cases of Brick Bhatta and Rice Mills. The Divisional Director, Varanasi clarified that the District Level Committee has not given their decision on the cases pending with Hon'ble Court. Based on High Court Writ Petition, C.E.O. KVIC has assured that the issues will be dispose off and as such Divisional Offices, Varanasi and Gorakhpur will have to ensure the cases are disposed by accepting or rejecting the Margin Money Claims base on scrutiny of documents and physical verification. Thus all the cases involving court cases also be examined for disposal as per reply given to Hon'ble High Court.

  3. Since the District Level Committee has constituted of DIOs and Dos to assist Divisional Director, Varanasi, they should restrict their role to scrutiny and physical verification instead of getting the advising role Managing Director of Kashi Gomti Bank informed that they have arranged 300 cases not covered under the 305 Brick Bhatta and Rice Mills cases. He informed that he has also furnished the report to Divisional Office, Varanasi. However, he is not in a position to give detail number of cases falling under jurisdiction of KVIC and number of cases under jurisdiction of KVIBs. C.E.O. clarified that it is not possible to sanction old pending claims of Margin Money and as a special case, KVIC has been permitting extension of date and to get the matter settled through joint physical verification and put up to SLBC. The validity of the process also expired and it may not possible to entertain old claims at this stage. However, Managing Director, Kashi Gomti Bank may discuss the issue with Divisional Director, Varanasi along with submitting of the documents and report may be furnished to Divisional Office, Varanasi for consideration.

  4. Reacting to the issue that Kashi Gomti Bank has refused to entertain REGP projects due to non-settlement of Margin Money claims by KVI. Chairperson, KVIC took strong exception and informed that no financial institution can refuse to carry out Rural Employment Scheme of Govt. of India, especiallhy when Margin Money has been withheld due to irregularity of units. Managing Director, Kashi Gomti Bank clarified that they are continuing sanctioning the REGP projects except those Brick Bhatta and Rice Mills and assured to support in implementation of REGP Scheme. Manager, Union Bank of India informed that they have additional 300 cases of Brick Bhatta and Rice Mills which are yet to be confirmed by the Varanasi and Gorakhpur Offices. C.E.O. directed Director (Varanasi) and Dy. Director, I/C Divisional Office, Gorakhpur to expedite the task of verification before 30th November, 2006. It was also proposed to provide additional manpower for physical verification by assigning technical staff of Central Zone to assist Director (Varanasi) and Dy. Director, I/C (Gorakhpur).

  5. Regarding poor performance of REGP, State Director, Lucknow informed that due to

  6. Varanasi & Gorakhpur Offices which are having poor performance, were asked to gear up their performance to achieve the target.

  7. Chairperson directed the Filed Offices to have further discussion with Programme Directors i.e. REGP, Khadi etc. and work out the status and pending issues before they return to Head Quarter.

  8. It was also decided that the bifurcation of the Banks between the KVIB and KVIC offices be withdrawn hence forthwith as was done in the case of M.P. which is working smoothly. Similar requests have been received from the Meerut, Nagpur and Maharashtra offices of KVIC.

Director (REGP)

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